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Graduating from high school or college inherently asks the question "what's next?" My goal is to help students answer that question with a sense of clarity and excitement about what the future holds for them. We address the "big picture" as well as the detailed steps to not only survive their next step, but to thrive in their new stage of life.
What is coaching?

As a coach I work with individuals to help them identify for themselves what their goals are and discover how to achieve them. I use back and forth dialogue and questioning to process decision making, discover options, explore possibilities and ultimately find their life path.

Why use coaching?

I believe that everyone has the capacity to eventually achieve their goals and dreams, however, having a coach to support and guide you through times of transition can accelorate your success, minimize feeling lost or confused and significantly reduce time and money wasted on a trial and error kind of approach.

Who needs coaching?

Life will always find a path and we don't need coaching for that. So, the choice to hire a coach is important for those who are motivated to achieve their dreams and goals and want to be efficient and successful in that process. Coaching allows you to actively choose your life path and create your dream life.

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I think coaching is an excellent way to get an objective perspective on decisions and life direction.




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