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So you love LuLaRoe, or maybe you only like some of it, or maybe you hate it, but clicked on this anyway just to see what it's all about ;)

 Whatever your reason, you've probably heard about the super elusive SOLID BLACK LEGGINGS.

Before I mislead you, I do not have LuLaRoe black leggings to sell you. But I have something better. Not possible? Keep reading...

Do you want leggings that are...

~Solid black

~Buttery soft

~Top quality fabric and manufacturing

~Performance material (so you can wear them around the house OR to the gym!)

~Compression style (so they hold everything in place so you can look AMAZING!)

~Comes in sizes XS-XXL (roughly 0-22)


And always free shipping for returns and exchanges (so there's no risk to try them!)

Quantities are NOT limited, there is NO waitlist, these are a MUST HAVE essential item for every women's wardrobe, (but the free shipping does end at midnight tonight) so get yours NOW.

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