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Four years ago, Whitney Browning launched her own coaching busisness (ThriveOn Coaching). She was six months pregnant with her first child and had just successfully completed the Coaching for Life and Work certificate program from the UC Davis College of Continuing and Professional Education. Her mission was to inspire, empower and support women to thrive in every aspect of life.

Two months later, Whitney and her husband welcomed their son, into the world, and then two and a half years later, their daughter was born. Through the last six years of being a full time, stay-at-home mom, she built a small, but thriving business.

Now, six years, two kids and two cats later, she is living her best life, thriving as a mom, wife, friend and more, and she is ready and excited to take her business to the next level!

She has done a lot of work behind the scenes and has now rebranded her business as Whitney B Coaching. Her mission has stayed strong throughout - to inspire, empower and support women to thrive in every aspect of life - and she can't wait to share it all with you.

Want to know more...?

Let's talk about coaching...what is it exactly? Let me start with what it's not. Coaching is not mentoring or consulting (which both assume I'm an expert at your problem and can tell you exactly how to overcome it), and it's not counseling or therapy (which tend to focus on your past and what you can do to overcome your struggles).

Coaching takes you as you are, in this moment, as a whole, complete person and looks at how you can use your strengths to excel forward. It's a client driven, client focused, structured process that uses critical thinking and introspection to explore possibilities and provide a safe space as a sounding board.

There are many types of coaches: life coach, career coach, executive coach, health coach, the list goes on. I identify as a personal coach (and more specifically as a goals coach), in which I work with women to help them discover for themselves what their goals are and then identify how to achieve those goals. I choose to identify broadly as a "personal coach" (or life coach), because I have a strong foundation in coaching, that qualifies me to help women with career goals, health and wellness goals, fitness goals, parenting goals and other areas that some coaches choose to narrow down into. For me, the focus is on the process of achieving your goals, not about the details of exactly what the goal is (but don't get me wrong, we will explore the details of your goal extensively through the coaching process).

What this does is also allow you, as the client, to work with one coach to achieve all your goals, rather than having to find a new coach every time you have a new goal in a different aspect of life.

The decision to work with a coach is a very personal choice. It is important to feel connected, understood and most importantly that you are able to be open enough to be completely honest with yourself, which can only happen when working with a coach who is non-judgmental, understanding and compassionate. These are values that I bring to the coaching relationship in every interaction.

There are many ways that coaching can support you in achieving your goals, and I look forward to bringing you some new options that may include (but are not limited to), online communities, on-on-one coaching, webinars/workshops and membership programs.

So now what?

Gentlemen, if you have read through to the end of this, I appreciate it more than you now, and if there are any women in your life that you think would be interested in what I have presented here, I would be happy to introduce them to everything I have to offer, so feel free to refer them my way; I'll be sure to take good care of them.

Ladies! If you want to thrive in every aspect of life, then join me! As your personal coach, I will help you find the motivation and perseverance to take action toward living your best life, all while guiding you through the process and helping you feel good doing it.

Ready to get your goal going? Here's three ways to start...



For moms ready to take action and move forward. Get individualized, detailed coaching in a single session or with an ongoing package.

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B Thriving Membership

Join other women just like you and get support from them along with support from me as you unlock access to bonus features offered only in my membership package.

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Not sure you're ready to take action right this second? That's ok, keep in touch and when you are ready to move forward, you'll have full access to everything I offer.

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