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Join me tomorrow...

Small Business Saturday - Peach Gathering

Saturday 11/28 at 10AM

I really miss hanging out with people SO MUCH right now, so I want to spend some time catching up and connecting (it's NOT the same on Zoom as in person, but I'll take what I can get , lol). Feel free to hop on a few minutes early if you want to get a little extra time to chat and catch up - I'll be on about 15 minutes early. (One of the perks of keeping the group small is that this will all be pretty casual and interactive so we can really connect.)

Since everyone joining has a small business of some sort, we'll officially start at 10am with a few minutes for each person to introduce yourself and share what your business is (and give us the inside scoop on any deals happening right now!).

There's been a lot going on with Peach recently, so I'll take a few minutes to get you caught up on all of that (i.e. new fabrics, more focus on being socially and eco-friendly, new platforms for buying, etc.) AND there's some new fun stuff that I've been up to as well that I'd love to update you about too.

Then we can spend a little time showcasing whatever items you want to see and I can help you take advantage of our sales right now to check off any ladies you have left on your holiday shopping list (or treat yourself to a little something!). (There are some REALLY nice new items that I am in LOVE with right now that you'll definitely want to check out!)

Before we end, I'll wrap up with a special gift for each guest as a way to say thank you for supporting me and my Peach business (some days I can't believe I've been doing this for over 4 years already! But I could not have done it without you - especially through a global pandemic, lol. So, I have a little something to say thanks!).

If you want to attend, click below to RSVP. Hope to "see" you tomorrow!


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