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Big Goal Coaching

Do you have a BIG goal? Maybe you just came up with it and are excited by it, but have no idea where to start or if it's even realistic. Or maybe it's something that you've thought about for a long time. Maybe you have tried to go for it before, but failed. Or maybe the fear of failure has kept you from even trying.

If you are feeling stalled, overwhelmed, unsure, frustrated, let me start by saying, that's ok. AND, you've come to the right place. Coaching can help. I can help.

You don't have to go on this journey to success by yourself. With coaching you can achieve your BIG goal faster and more efficiently than you would on your own.

Coaching sessions give you a safe space to process your thoughts and have an unbiased listener to help you navigate through them.

Check out the options below and see what is the right fit for you.

Have more questions or want to chat to see if coaching is the right fit for you? Contact me to schedule a FREE introductory session asap!

Clarity Coaching Session

One Time

Clarity coaching sessions will help you process and define what your goal is and help you find the direction to move forward in.

- One-on-one coaching to help gain clarity about your goal and direction.

- One hour session = $100

- Two hour session = $150

Strategy Coaching Session

One Time

Strategy coaching sessions will help you plan out how you are going to achieve your goal.

- One-on-one coaching to formulate a personalized, realistic, step-by-step strategy for achieving your goal

- One hour session = $100

- Two hour session = $150

Accountability Coaching Sessions

On going

Accountability coaching sessions will help to keep you moving forward positively and successfully.

- One--on-one coaching check-ins to keep you on track and accountable on your path to achieving your goal

- Weekly (30 mins each) = $50 per session

- Bi-weekly (30 mins each) = $50 per session

BIG Goal Package

On going

Everything listed individually above, bundled to give you a complete package that will save you money and guarantee that you will be the most successful that you possibly can in achieving your BIG goal.

- Two hour clarity coaching session

- Two hour strategy coaching session

- Bi-weekly 30 min accountability coaching sessions with additional 30 mins for continued clarity and strategy coaching

- Initial cost = $200 ($400 value)

- Monthly continuation = $100 per month ($200 value)

B Thriving Membership Program

On going

A place to find community and connection with other women who are also on a mission to achieve their goals AND a place to find support from a certified coach (that's me!) who gets where you're at, what you are trying to accomplish and can help you do it! With the B Thriving membership program you will have the resources, support and encouragement you need to achieve your goals so that you can thrive in every aspect of your life.

- My six simple steps workshop to help you discover

  - Clarity about exactly what your goal is

  - Endless motivation for achieving your goal

  - Actionable steps to start immediately

  - Ways to schedule those steps to maximize success

  - How to be flexible, but not get off track

  - Tricks to stay accountable, especially when life gets in the way

Weekly live motivation and accountability sessions via Zoom

- Simple monthly modules with resources to help you achieve your goal

Members only area on WBT website, where you can access resources and track your progress

- Encouragement from other women working on their goals just like you

- Special celebrations of successes and goal achievements


- Unlimited "Get Going" coaching sessions: 30 min one-on-one coaching with me to work through whatever has you stuck. Book whenever you need to. Half the price of regular coaching sessions and only available to B Thriving members

- Monthly membership fee = $25

     *limited time offer for 1st month free!

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