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Weekly Check-in Sessions


This is your opportunity to get real, LIVE, support. These are hosted on Zoom every Wednesday at 5:30pm PT. Mark this on your calendar and join as often as you possibly can. These weekly sessions are your opportunity to ask questions, get help, celebrate your successes and spend time connecting with other women who are motivated to achieve their goals too. One of my favorite quotes goes something like "sit at the winner's table, the conversation is different there", meaning that winners, achievers, goal getters, share a motivated mindset and when we get in conversation with each other, we can't help but support each other in succeeding. So come "sit" with us for an hour or so and leave feeling ready to take on the world. These sessions are intended to help you maintain some accountability, focus on your motivation, jump start you when you're feeling stuck and acknowledge when you are succeeding and achieving. They are informal (come casual - you can keep your camera off if you want to!) but they are structured and guided by me in a coaching manor as a resource to keep you moving forward. To join the next session, just click below.

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