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Personal (or life) coaching is about working together to help you discover for yourself what your goals are and then identify how to achieve those goals.

It is a client driven, client focused, structured process that uses critical thinking and introspection, explores possibilities, and provides a safe space with objective input.

It is not counseling or therapy (which tend to focus on your past and "fixing" you).

It is not mentoring or consulting (which assume a level of expertise in the area you want to work on).

Coaching takes you as you are right now and looks forward to the future. You are a whole and complete person, you got yourself to where you are today and for better or for worse, you will move yourself forward too.

Coaching is simply about helping you reach your goals easier and faster than you would on your own.



My mission as a coach is to inspire, empower and support women to thrive in all aspects of life.

I work with women of all ages, from all backgrounds and in different subject areas.

I coach specific topics such as health and fitness, life transition, parenting, career, relationships, confidence, and so much more.

Life is a web of subjects and I believe that they are all connected, so rather than coach only one piece of who you are, I take an approach that allows you to focus on your whole self so you can begin to thrive in all aspects of life.



A free 15 minute session for you to explore how coaching can benefit you.

Contact me now to schedule your FREE intro session.

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